The return and Recovery Program for Military Veterans

Return and Recovery Program

The Return and Recovery Program for Military Veterans (RRPMV) is a cost-free service offered through Artists for the Humanities (A4TH) that combines expressive art and group counseling to help military veterans and their families:

  • confront unresolved service-related trauma, grief, substance abuse and homelessness;
  • identify how the adverse psychological effects of military service have limited them;
  • embrace personal growth to improve their condition; and,
  • successfully reintegrate into civilian life.

In short we live our vision, which has evolved from our compassionate history of helping veterans. Rehabilitative programs like RRPMV are offered through A4TH at no cost to veterans, military family members, or VA health care providers/facilities.

A4TH is here to answer your questions about RRPMV, or our meetings and events. Call or email us today!

Artists for the Humanities is a 501c3 Non Profit organization. We rely on the generous donations from our supporters to continue funding our programs, and ask that you please contribute to strengthen the lives of our service members.