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UPDATE, July 17, 2018: Artists for the Humanities os running an active Go Fund Me campaign here. We are looking to raise $10,000 for a new vehicle and need your help to reach that goal.

Artists for the Humanities

Artists for the Humanities is a Wisconsin-based non profit organization dedicated to the usage of expressive art as a tool for healing. Artists for the Humanities currently runs two programs: Art as a Tool for Healing (ATFH), as well as The Return and Recovery Program for Military Veterans (RRPMV). Both programs are cost-free and offered thanks to the generous donations from our supporters who continue funding our programs, and ask that you please contribute to strengthen the lives of our service members, friends, and families.

Artists for the Humanities is here to answer your questions about RRPMV, ATFH, or any of our meetings and events. Call or email us today!