Marine Vet Thankful For A4TH Program

Marine Vet Thankful For A4TH Program

My Testimonial thank you:

Tim Mayer and Artists for the Humanities. Just a few words to express my feelings regarding the art therapy sessions facilitated by Tim, which I eagerly attended as a requirement of my program at Vets Place Central.

I have been a member here at VPC since early July of 2022. I had become homeless that July after serving jail time for DUI. It has been a long but necessary journey to regain financial stability, independence and become 100% dedicated to my recovery and sobriety.

We know that recovery is lifelong; however, I have taken the initial and necessary first steps for success. Art therapy with Tim has been especially helpful. My introverted nature has turned around a bit by attending the art therapy sessions, which in turn has given me the opportunity and the willingness to express myself, my goals, my concerns, and eventually, my achievements. The process of drawing and writing my plan for success made it more comfortable to relate my feelings with more clarity and a bit more confidence. The group also made it clear that I needed to hear from fellow vets and benefit from their stories, their failures, and their successes. Art made it easier to see where I stood at the start, my goals and plan, the “bumps in the road,” and my destination. Art therapy has been a vital part of my recovery process.

Although only four sessions in Tim’s class were mandatory, I took the initiative to attend further sessions, not only to support other vets but to continue the learning and continue the camaraderie. Tim created an atmosphere making it easy for all in the group to express whatever was needed at the moment. I am now “back on my feet” financially with a steady, fixed income in retirement. I am sober. I am focused, proud, independent, and above all, grateful for art therapy with Tim.

Thanks for the support and kindness.
Gary Lund,
Veteran USMC

Veteran USMC Gary Lund with a white cup

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